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Tu es moi ange

28 May
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I'm me... that's all you need to know :D Besides that i'm taken by the best guy ever... Dan, I love you
, a walk to remember, aim, animals, art, ashlee simpson, astrology, ball of love, band, band camp, basketball, being lazy, best friends, big booty, billboard saviors, blink 182, blink182, bowling, cake, camping, cartoons, cats, cedar point, chad michael murray, chick flicks, cinderella, clothes, concerts, cuddling, dakota high school, dan, dancing, david fumero, daydreams, ddr, dealey plaza, degrassi, detroit red wings, diamonds, disney, disney movies, dogs, dvds, east detroit high school, eastpointe, eating, family, finding nemo, flute, food, français, friends, full house, fun, girls vs boys, guys, hanging out, hockey, holding hands, homecoming, horror movies, hugging, hugs, ice cream, idiot, john williams, kenny chesney, kisses, kissing, laughing, lightning, linkin park, lion king, longterm relationships, love, love at first site, magnum xl-200, mall, marching band, maroon 5, michael easton, midnight, millenium force, moonlight, movies, music, my boyfriend, napping, nighttime, olga's, one life to live, opus podunk, peter pan, piccolo, pictures, pink, pistons, pizza, poetry, prom, rain, reading, ride 2004, roller coasters, roller skating, rollerblading, romance, romeo and juliet, rummy, sammie, savage garden, scary movies, scooby doo, shopping, simple plan, simpsons, sixteen candles, ska, sleep, sleeping, smiles, snow days, spirit fingers, sports, star gazing, stars, storms, summer, swimming, taco bell, talking on the phone, television, that 70s show, the beatles, the breakfast club, the crow, the lion king, the n, the pistons, the simpsons, thunderstorms, true love, tv, walking, white tigers, writing, writing poetry, writing stories,